What are your favorite healthy snacks to bring to work? Please be creative!

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    Tibi  3 months ago by: Tibi

    I try to stay away from packaged foods and right now I'm off dairy so this is what I take to work:
    Sliced apple with almond butter
    Carrots, celery, persian cucumber with hummus or baba ganoush
    Hard boiled egg with veggies
    Almonds, cashews or pistachios
    Air-popped popcorn
    Guacamole with veggies or plain tortilla chips (check the ingredients to make sure they're just corn, oil and maybe salt!)
    3-bean or lentil salad
    Tuna with gluten-free crackers

    Of course if you eat dairy then you have a whole lot more you can eat!

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    willywalter  3 months ago by: willywalter

    I will usually bring some combination of teh above to work for a snack:
    2 hard boiled eggs
    macadamia nuts
    Uncured salami

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    JoeyP  3 months ago by: JoeyP

    My face are cut up apples
    And cheddar cheese

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    jhsimmo  3 months ago by: jhsimmo

    Chewing gum and water.

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    MJI  about 1 month ago by: MJI

    Grapes: no mess while eating and sweet too!

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