What brand of chocolate can I eat?

  • There is a recipe on the Ignite list that calls for semi-sweet chocolate. Even the vegan chocolates that are dairy, gluten, and soy free have added sugar. I have a vegan bar by Coconut Secret that has coconut nectar and I'm just now finding out that it's not approved. As far as the semi-sweet chocolate for the recipe, I had to buy 100% cocoa bittersweet chocolate. I'm going to have to add some type of berry fruit puree so I can sweeten up the chocolate. Is there even a brand I can use?
    Oh and the Daily Fuel seemed too expensive for me so I didn't buy it.

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    I am beginning to think that some of these recipes are for the balance program. Although it does say to LIMIT added sugar. I was able to find some dark chocolate with no soy but there will always be some sugar in anything but straight cocoa.
    On the shake, I had to agree. I bought RAW meal and Vega One from Sprouts and Lucky's. Whole Foods probably has them as well. No shipping and really similar ingredients. The Vega One is really tasty for those that miss sweet things.

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