What can be used as a sweetener in coffee?

  • I need to have a cup of coffee everyday and I was wondering if Stevia or Monk Fruit in the Raw could be used while on Ignite?

    VickyCab81   by: VickyCab81
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    dmariew5021  about 1 year ago by: dmariew5021

    Well if you look at the ingredients in both of those the actual main sugar is sugar alcohols not stevia or monk fruit. I believe you could use either stevia or monk fruit but only if it was natural stevia not the sucralose or whatever else they put in that "In the Raw" brand. Look for liquid stevia, that is what I use in my coffee when I really need some sweetness.

    • VickyCab81
      VickyCab81 10 months ago

      Thanks. I have been using organic stevia but want to try the liquid stevia. I like that they have flavor options.

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