What can I drink at parties when others are drinking beer or alcohol?

  • I don't want to seem strange at social events. Any good suggestions?

    paulc   by: paulc
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    Anthony  over 2 years ago by: Anthony

    First off, you shouldn't worry what anyone thinks. I usually just bring a bottle of water anyways and people think it's vodka ...it's quite funny.

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    katosphere  about 1 year ago by: katosphere

    Soda and bitters is classic, delicious and not super sugary like soda and juice. Tip well even if the bartender doesn't charge you. Also, at least around where I live, people take hiatuses from drinking often enough that it's fine to say that's what you're doing, and no one will assume you're a recovering alcoholic they need to tiptoe around. Nothing wrong with admitting that you're taking care of yourself. Most people probably won't even notice what you are or are not drinking unless you bring it up or you have to decline something they want to pour. "No thanks" works just as well here as it does in the rest of your life.

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