What do I do if the nutrition page doesn't ask me if I completed a challenge (even though I joined)?

  • I've been through every challenge now and this has happened three times. Not a big deal, but it kind of sucks having to wait three months until the challenge comes up again.

    nickrford   by: nickrford
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    stephenb  about 3 years ago by: stephenb

    When you revisit the Nutrition page and you had joined a previous week's challenge, you should see a window appear that will ask you whether/not you successfully completed the challenge. It's possible that a browser bug, or maybe pop-up blocking software, could cause that window to not display.

    However, even if that window doesn't appear, you should see a "Click here to update your status" button in place of being able to join the new challenge. So, essentially it shouldn't be possible to join a new challenge without recording your status in a previous challenge.

    • nickrford
      nickrford 10 months ago

      I've completed every challenge. Sometimes it just doesn't prompt me, three times now (over three months or so). I've had no problem moving on to the next challenge when this happens. Not a big deal, but it's just annoying that I've completed every challenge but didn't really get the medal or whatever.

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