What do you crave the most?

  • I want pizza really bad.

    paulc   by: paulc
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    Anthony  over 2 years ago by: Anthony

    Chocolate.....specifically Reeses! The cravings were rough at first, but they've been going away for sure.

    • bebeslight4u
      bebeslight4u 10 months ago

      I made, what I dubbed, an Almond Joy Shake. I used chocolate DailyBurn Fuel, Almond butter, and coconut milk with ice. Yummy to the tummy and really helped my craving for "Reeses"- my favorite chocolate candy.

    • KateHough
      KateHough 10 months ago

      Yeah I have a sweet tooth too. I have found that you can make some pretty good substitutes that will satisfy the cravings on Ignite. For example, if you are craving Reeses, you can make an extra thick protein shake with the chocolate DailyBurn Fuel, peanut butter, ice, and almond milk. That way, you get your chocolate peanut butter craving taken care of.

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    MCDSuntag  over 2 years ago by: MCDSuntag

    I love ice cream; it's my ultimate weakness! However, I'm not craving store-bought ice cream; I want a sundae from Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous in San Francisco. Since I no longer live in the city, I'm not worried about breaking down in a moment of weakness and cheating on the Ignite plan.

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    bunneh  over 2 years ago by: bunneh

    Crusty bread with fondue... at least I was earlier this week... now I'm finding my cravings swing more towards "I want something warm" vs. specific food/flavor cravings... interesting

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    wrand  over 1 year ago by: wrand

    I would love a bourbon-barreled imperial stout right now.

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    maribella2217  about 1 year ago by: maribella2217

    dark chocolate

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    Firay  about 2 years ago by: Firay

    I love a good slice of pizza but I find that I am able to be ok, but I know I can have the slice or well I am sure it will be more then just once slice later.

    Take Care of YOU!

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    Trynity  about 2 years ago by: Trynity

    The two things I crave are potato chips and cheese.

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    absloote0  over 1 year ago by: absloote0

    I crave ice-cream, so I started freezing fresh bananas - they taste like a banana Popsicle.

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    KonZaraki  over 1 year ago by: KonZaraki

    Rainbow Sherbert from Baskin Robbins....SUGAR ;)

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    Lhhearn  about 1 year ago by: Lhhearn

    I have a big sweet tooth so i am always craving anything full of sugar...candy, soda, ice cream, cake/brownies.

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    Khellman75  about 1 year ago by: Khellman75

    Dairy and sugar. I badly want my milk and turbinado sugar in my espresso, but I am sticking with black espresso with stevia instead.

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    sofs  12 months ago by: sofs

    Not doing too badly as I had already been trying to cut down on sugar and bread/flour. However I am really missing dairy esp in my coffee, cheese and yogurt! Also getting a bit tired of only drinking water. Have found this concentrated pure black cherry juice, no added sugar. If you mix a tablespoon of it with a glass of sparkling water, it reminds me a bit of cola.

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    mandabear  11 months ago by: mandabear

    Buffalo Wings....... I love salty foods

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    Terricka  about 1 year ago by: Terricka

    Naan, Croissants, Roti, French Bread, Italian Bread, Ciabatta, Palmiers, Jamaican Bread, French Toast... (its my second day)

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    AerinFord  11 months ago by: AerinFord

    Goodbye, wine. See ya in 21 days!

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    verta7  11 months ago by: verta7

    milk and pizza

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    nova  about 1 year ago by: nova

    salty products and cheese

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