What do you do about tiredness on Ignite?

  • I'm on day 3 of Ignite and the main issue I'm dealing with is tiredness. I am caffeine free now, because I do not enjoy coffee or tea. I used to drink several diet sodas a day. Is there any way to combat the sluggishness without caffeine? Will it go away as my body adjusts? Right now I need 10 hours of sleep at night plus a nap, and I can't keep doing that.

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    CarrieS  about 1 year ago by: CarrieS

    Exercise is a natural way to boost energy, especially if you have the time to workout early in the day. I know how you feel with the caffeine issue, I used to drink a lot of diet sodas too. Although I like tea and black coffee, I have a trick you could try.

    I never really used to like tea very much either, but I started boiling the water with a cinnamon stick, and found that by doing that I did not need to add any sugar or sweetener because it gives the tea a good body flavor. One thing that could help you with any caffeine or soda cravings is to make a cup of tea, and then mix it 50:50 with seltzer water. I tried this because I missed the soda and carbonation, but generally hate the bitterness of seltzer.

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      Thanks for the idea!

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