what do you do if your weight keeps fluctuating?

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    mrsholley92  over 1 year ago by: mrsholley92

    I've been through the same thing,we all have. It sucks,but there are 3 reasons:

    You ate/eat a little too much sodium. Water is attracted to sodium like a magnet,so when you down more sodium or salt than usual,it holds on to extra water. *2 cups of H2O is one pound. This might sound weird but drink more water this way it 'rinses' the sodium intake,not only that but eat more leafy greens like spinach or even lima beans and beets that way you're not just gaining the 'water weight', but you're using the veggies as a natural diuretic effect

    You're probably constipated (i know its TMI, but its a possibility). Being 'backed up' can cause fluctuation,so drink water (of course) but to get things moving start eating foods more rich in soluble fibers like oats.barley,figs,beans and flax seeds. This will help. Or even drink Smooth Move tea at night before bed (about 3 hours before bed) * added warning,you will rush to the restroom with smooth move in the morning!

    Lastly,you're storing too many carbs in your body than usual. You can sock away about 500 grams of carbs (more in perspective- a slice of bread is 15 grams). So when you eat more carbs than your body needs,its stores itself in the liver and muscles. So ditch the 'dense' carbs like white bread,pastas and baked goods and try to eat a small amount of whole grain with each meal like brown or wild rice or quinoa (edamame).

    I know its a long,extensive answer but I hope it helps :) we all fluctuate, so dont panic, its just disciplining your body is all it takes. Good Luck!

    • amyaldecoa
      amyaldecoa over 1 year ago

      lol can u hold me accoutable on not cheating and submitting to my sweet craving and i will go get that smooth move stuff tommorrow. thanks for the advice its nice to talk to people who know what im going through. thanks it means a lot really

    • mrsholley92
      mrsholley92 over 1 year ago

      no problem :D im here to help. Let me know if you have any other concerns or anything or questions,ill try to answer them as much as i can :)

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