What do you do when your workout program is over?

  • The program I'm on is for 28 days, after day 28 should I move on to a different program or restart the same program just attempting higher levels of difficulty? Do they add additional workouts to their programs throughout the year or is it just set up as is? I'm doing the free trial and just want to know if it will be as beneficial on day 365 as it is on day 7.

    Niki5454   by: Niki5454
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    jajajajane  about 1 year ago by: jajajajane

    I do not know the answer, so I am sorry I am responding, but I am very interested in the answer to this too. I just started and thought the 28 day program was different. I am hoping that the program is adjustable to our needs. Hoping. . .

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