What do you pack for work/school so you don't cheat?

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    scvb13  12 months ago by: scvb13

    For Ignite I pack the following (I work 12.5 hour shifts):
    1. Have my AM shake before leaving for work
    2. Morning snack: either a Larabar and coffee or GF Van's waffles with coconut oil and cinammon on top
    3. Lunch: Leftovers of some sort (rice, veggies, meat) or a big salad
    4. Afternoon snack: nuts with a small amount of dark chocolate and a coconut water
    5. Similar to lunch, an Ignite friendly meal, found some good frozen ones at Whole Foods that meet all the Ignite criteria.

    • Amanda76
      Amanda76 6 months ago

      Can you share the frozen ones you are talking about please?

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    Georgiabarrett103111  about 1 year ago by: Georgiabarrett103111

    Anything that is packed with protein. It will keep you full longer.

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    SAB42  about 1 year ago by: SAB42

    Ignite cinnamon cashew granola!

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    avargas09  about 1 year ago by: avargas09

    Salads!! Especially spinach which helps me feel fuller cause my mouth is working.

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    mwoolf1  over 1 year ago by: mwoolf1

    That depends on what you like to eat. For me, I don't eat meat. I will eat dairy, eggs, and seafood. So a typical day for me is:
    Breakfast - protein shake with almond milk and 2 servings of fruit
    Lunch - normally a spinach salad with Tuna or Salmon. In the winter, I like to bring homemade soups (so I know what is in them) in a thermos.
    Snack - 21 raw almonds and 1 apple.

    This combination gives me the protein and good carbs I need to get through my hectic work day.

    Other things I like to pack for work:
    2% cottage cheese
    skim milk string cheese
    raw peanut butter and celery
    raisins (in case I am having a sweet tooth)
    Goat cheese with multi-grain flat crisps

    All these help me stay on track and keep me from succumbing to the dreaded office snack machine.

    • manderj
      manderj 2 months ago

      Do you actually count out 21 almonds? That's impressive. :)

    • mwoolf1
      mwoolf1 2 months ago

      I count them out and put them in individual bags. That way, I can grab one on the go and not be tempted to add more.

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    davinci02  2 months ago by: davinci02

    Apple with no sugar added peanut butter

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