What do you suggest after I complete True Beginner which Program?

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    AvavanBlythe  about 1 year ago by: AvavanBlythe

    Personally I like the TBT program. I like using some of that program's mobility for warm ups, or to start out my day. Since you can search for workouts using "discover," you can really just pick what you want, when you want it. So if there are workouts set up for a day and you're not feeling ready for it, just select a different video. I do this so that all the workouts I currently do are non-prop based.

    • TheodoraDailyBurn
      TheodoraDailyBurn 10 months ago

      CardioSculpt is another great one many like after True Beginner.

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    AltGirlTX  about 1 year ago by: AltGirlTX

    I did Cardio Sculpt right after I finished True Beginner, and it's been great. (I've only got a few weeks left.)

    I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up, but there are always modifiers included if something is a little too challenging. I've also found that the program builds over time to become more intense, so you have the chance to get stronger and fitter as you go.

    • KendraDailyBurn
      KendraDailyBurn 10 months ago

      I'm so glad you've found such a nice arc with True Beginner leading into Cardio Sculpt, fantastic! That's a big commitment and an even bigger accomplishment!

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