What equipment do you use for Inferno?

  • Hello everyone!
    I'm currently on my second round of TBT and I'm interested in doing Inferno next. I'm curious about the equipment you all purchased. What equipment have you used? Where did you buy it? Do you feel that you got more out of the workouts with the equipment? Could you share a list of the equipment you use and which of the Inferno videos you use them with?

    Any pointers on your use of equipment with Inferno is appreciated!

    ready4fitness   by: ready4fitness
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    Jeffandailyburn  12 months ago by: Jeffandailyburn

    The suggested equipment for workouts in Inferno are:

    -exercise mat (optional)
    -medicine ball

    Find all the above at: http://store.dailyburn.com/co...

    • Rajah
      Rajah 10 months ago

      Or just got to wal-mart it's probably cheaper

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