What food/health maxims do you follow (eg, no eating after 7)?

  • Most of mine are pretty recent and just based on articles I've seen. Lately my rules are:

    No fruit after 2:00
    No high gi carbs after 5:00
    No eating after 7:00 (I usually go to bed around 10).
    No dairy (this is a new one and I don't really know how effective it is, but I'm trying it out)
    Protein at every meal/snack
    At least 7 hours sleep.

    sbrobin   by: sbrobin
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    KateHough  almost 3 years ago by: KateHough

    Here are mine: No artificial sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, eat whole foods rather than processed foods.

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    Jewlzm  almost 3 years ago by: Jewlzm

    I do try to follow not eating after 7 .. but it is kind of hard if your working hard till sundown and you come in starving. I also follow no high carbs after 5 so I try not to have carbs for dinner and just take them in for breakfast and lunch.

    • Jewlzm
      Jewlzm almost 3 years ago

      I think if I am up working.. physically working and active then yes I can eat later.. but not right up till bedtime.

    • nickrford
      nickrford almost 3 years ago

      You're right. The key is not to eat right up until bedtime. Have a few hours without eating. It's just easier to tell people to stop eating at 7, I think. Thanks!

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    maggieleigh  almost 3 years ago by: maggieleigh

    How come no fruit after 2? Just interested in what info is behind that....

    • Jewlzm
      Jewlzm almost 3 years ago

      Basically the fruit is recognized as a sugar so its harder to burn it off when most people slow down after 2. I have actually heard no fruit after 4 but their are apparently variations to every rule.

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    twbmpid  over 2 years ago by: twbmpid

    Mine: Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper.

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    arnthorla  over 2 years ago by: arnthorla

    1) No sugar (and that includes products with added sugar, and artificial sweeteners).
    1a) Sugar is allowed after working out or while working out. And only then!

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    codemonkey2841  over 2 years ago by: codemonkey2841

    No caffeine after noon,
    No sugar,
    Protein with every meal,
    No High GI carbs,
    Eat as little processed food as possible,
    Force each meal to last 20-30 minutes (don't inhale my food),
    Saturday = Cheat Day

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    sabrinaclasper  over 2 years ago by: sabrinaclasper

    :D at least 7 hours of sleep. Most carbs early in the day, no food past 8pm. Hardly any cows milk (don't understand why we drink that in the first place). Protein at every meal!

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