What gets you motivated?

  • I am on day 9 of the TBT workouts and am getting my butt kicked (in a good way!). My motivation to keep pushing through those reps is knowing how great I feel through the rest of my day. I also have a tasty chocolate protein shake waiting for me afterwards. What do you do to push yourself through those tough workouts?

    Drmonroedvm   by: Drmonroedvm
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    Maaike  over 1 year ago by: Maaike

    I also like to think about how I feel afterwards. Also I like to picture myself in a couple of months, looking and feeling great :)

    • dvox
      dvox over 1 year ago

      I focus on the improvements I've already made and think about how good I'm going to feel when I'm done! Thinking about the chocolate shake helps too! ;)

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    comebackmomma  about 1 year ago by: comebackmomma

    I have signed up for a Best Body Bootcamp and a Diet Bet challenge. Both keep me accountable for working out at least 5 times a week. I agree that knowing how good the workout makes me feel helps keep me motivated as well.

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    amyaldecoa  about 1 year ago by: amyaldecoa

    whats tbt?

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    Star34  about 1 year ago by: Star34

    My bodybuilding.com peeps keep me motivated seeing all their progress pics and hearing their encouraging words...it's awesome!! But most of all how I feel about myself after a workout and feeling the burn keeps me coming back for more...."Train insane or remain the same" is what I keep telling myself to push me through a tough workout.

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