What happens after the program ends?

  • I am on day 16 of Inferno, but I see that it ends on Feb. 21. Is that the end of inferno, or does a new inferno program start up? Thanks!

    fitfreak2   by: fitfreak2
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    fitfreak2  over 1 year ago by: fitfreak2

    Oh oops I meant January 22 not Feb :)

    • Anthony
      Anthony over 1 year ago

      That would be the end of Inferno. Following Inferno, we would recommend one of our more 'relaxed' programs such as 'Yoga' or 'Recover'. However, if you're still feeling adventurous and still want to keep up the intensity and burn some more fat, you can go right into another intense program or even start Inferno again. Just watch how much your challenge stats and Inferno score go up...it's a great feeling and is pretty motivating to see how much strength and endurance you've built.

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