What if I have to skip a day?

  • Usually two days a week, I work/have class for 16 hours straight, and so I don't really have time to workout on those days. Is there a way to track my progress through my calendar, so I don't get lost as to the workout I should really be on? I don't want to skip the workout for that day, I just want to postpone it to the next day. How can I keep track?

    meghano8   by: meghano8
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    Melissag41  6 months ago by: Melissag41

    i chatted this morning wanting to track a work out I did instead of what was on the calendar, the response was you can't change the calendar the calendar is what you are supposed to do , they do not track what you actully do.

    • splott
      splott 6 months ago

      well THAT isn't very practical! sheesh.

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    Drmonroedvm  6 months ago by: Drmonroedvm

    There isn't a way to 'skip' on the calendar. I think the daily exercises are the whole point as to why Daily Burn works. I'd say, If you have a busy schedule, try using "Discover" and pick one of the 15 minute workouts on those days and just go back to your calendar the next day.

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    MaryAshley  6 months ago by: MaryAshley

    I'm frustrated by the same thing. I train for endurance riding and very long days of riding a couple of times a week should mean I can move my workout. Apparently not!

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