What is a good alternative to almond butter?

  • I literally went to every grocery store in my town (we only have about 4 or 5), and non supply almond butter!!! I read that almond butter is good to use in your AM shakes.

    davionbil   by: davionbil
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    nygiantschick  4 months ago by: nygiantschick

    you can make it fairly easily with unbalanced almonds and a really good food processor. Add salt to it if you like.

    • jojothedodo
      jojothedodo 4 months ago

      I order my raw almond butter from vitacost. Woodstock brand, non-gmo project verified and cheaper than any store I can find. I order lots of my better non-perishable from vitacost and amazon.

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    Stacyann13  4 months ago by: Stacyann13

    I have a cheap food processor and it makes wonderful almond butter. I just buy them whole, sometimes raw, sometimes roasted and just blend them up. Occasionally I have to add a teaspoon of olive oil, just to get things started. It takes about 10-15 min, at first you'll think it's not working but just keep the food processor going and eventually it becomes creamy and delicious. Good luck!

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    brookssm  about 1 month ago by: brookssm

    I use amazon!!! you can get anything including almond butter!

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