What is a good fish oil brand?

  • Can anyone recommend a good fish oil that isn't too expensive?

    rich   by: rich
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    inspiration47  over 1 year ago by: inspiration47

    Whatever you do, buy it at a health food store and NOT someplace like CVS or other pharmacies. It is worth spending a few more bucks on the ones at a good quality store, the difference is huge.

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    lnctwm  6 months ago by: lnctwm

    I buy mine from Amazon. I buy Efalex per my nutritionists request. I love it. No after taste.

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    mona3548  5 months ago by: mona3548

    vitacost.com has great reasonable supplements check
    out item # NSI 3005017 great fish oil Mega EFA Omega-3 EPA a7 DHA

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    lindack4  2 months ago by: lindack4

    my md recommended krill oil

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    MichLuvsBoston  about 1 month ago by: MichLuvsBoston

    Don't laugh - I did a TON of research on this one and... Tah Dah, the brand from Costco is really a winner - Kirkland Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate
    1000 mg less than $10 for 400! I was under the impression that 'discounty' ones would contain rancid oil, but google around a little (or a lot) and I found that they are good. I used to spend $65 per month using Nordic Naturals, which are great too.

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