What is a good program to transition from True Beginner?

  • I'm nearing the end of my journey with True Beginner. I'm not sure if I should continue it for another month or move onto either Total Cardio or Cardio Scope. If you think my decision to choose one of those programs is good, please tell me along with what equipment is required for each program. Thank you. [:

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    I started with True Beginner, then did Cardio Sculpt, then Total Cardio, and now I'm trying out Intelliburn. When I finished True Beginner, I felt that although I was getting a workout, I was ready to move on because I could do all of the moves easily. If you're still struggling a bit with True Beginner, I've seen it suggested by Justin and other Daily Burn staff that you do another round before moving on.

    If you feel that you're ready to try something new, Cardio Sculpt is a great option. It progresses in difficulty over the three months, and each workout has at one, if not two, modifiers to suit your difficulty level. You could do it without any equipment (and they show you how), but if you'd like the equipment, you'll need a few of sets of dumbells (a light one, like maybe 2.5-3 lb, 5 lb, and maybe a 7.5 or 10 lb if you've got strong arms). You'll also want a 4 or 6 lb cardio ball (I use a 6), a yoga mat, and a step with risers.

    Total Cardio is also a good program, but a few of the workouts are body-weight only and I personally think require more strength and flexibility than I would have had if I had done it after True Beginner. If you already feel really strong, Total Cardio is great for strengthening and toning. You don't need anything except a yoga mat for it, although two exercises in one video use a cardio ball, but you could also substitute a 5 or 7.5 lb dumbell.

    Whatever you end up choosing, good luck! I hope it goes well and you keep hanging in there and seeing results!

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