What is the best Daily Burn workout to lose weight in a month?

  • I want to drop 10 pounds in 7 weeks, preferably 15. I just downloaded DB today so I'm not quite sure which ones to start off with. I don't need to start off easy because I have been to the gym before, and I want to workout and I want to see results. I have terrible stamina too, so hopefully I can get better! What programs did you lose to lose weight?

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    natombomb  10 months ago by: natombomb

    Determining the best program for you has a lot to do with your current situation. 10 pounds can be easier to lose if you're more than 10 pounds overweight. However, if you're hovering close to your ideal weight, those last 10 pounds can be hard to shed! Age and metabolism can also play significantly into it. When I hit 35, my metabolism put on the breaks hard!

    I had great results with cardio sculpt. The modifications are still challenging and they offer advanced options if you can take it to the next level.

    When considering weight loss, its best to remember that diet plays a greater part than exercise. A couple of old adages are: 'You can't outrun the fork' and 'Great abs start in the kitchen.' Remembering this helps motivate me to eating clean. ~ok, maybe to eat clean 80% of the time ;) You should look into the ignite program.

    Good luck!

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      brittney81895 10 months ago

      Cabinfever you forgot to tell tasneenk that you have been having trouble with dry heaves while you have been on the Ignite program. Natombomb gave some great advice!

    • CabinFever
      CabinFever 10 months ago

      If you have a strong self discipline, use Ignite. I have been on it for several days and while its tough to get used to, the pounds are shedding off. I assume this will continue until I reach a plateau of some sort. However, the excess is falling off by the day.

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