What is the best program for boosting metabolism?

  • I have a moderate to severe case of hypothyroidism that is almost completely unresponsive to medication. I've been doing CardioSculpt for almost a month now practically religiously (there were a couple of days last week when I didn't have internet, but otherwise, I've been sticking to the program), and I've seen almost no result. I've always been good about eating well, but I have little control over my meals given that I live in a dormitory with a required meal plan. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me? I don't think I'm ready for Inferno, but if that's the best option to get my metabolism into shape, I will try it.

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    natombomb  10 months ago by: natombomb

    Inferno HR focuses a lot on metabolism and post-workout calorie burn. With a HR monitor you can still use modifications, working on your form, and hitting the target heart rate zones for the exercises.

    Good luck!

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    javikalback  9 months ago by: javikalback

    Best way to boost your metabolism is combining exercise with a high protein several meals a day diet. I gained a lot of weight when I moved to the US and i tried so many things no luck... exercises, counting calories etc. I went to a weight loss specialist and I've been less than 3 weeks in the program and already lost 5 lb. Before I ate so much more and was always hungry, tired and had no energy. Now i do 5-6 meals a day, around 1200 cals, with a 1:1 protein-to-carb ratio. I seriously thought there was no way i could "eat so little"... but now that I eat so often and the right amount of protein, I feel full and Im never hungry!!! i have so much more energy and feel so much healthy already - it's crazy! I still eat carbs and delicious things as long as they are healthy and are properly combined with protein, fiber etc.

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