What is the best program for weight loss?

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    My workplace is sponsoring a weight loss competition, and we have about 3 months to make the transformation. I've used TBT in the past and had good results and fun with it, working out with Cody is a good time. The Total Cardio and Inferno also sounded interesting. Which one would be good for me to shred some fat and win the competition?
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    colsen2   by: colsen2
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    colsen2  over 1 year ago by: colsen2

    I'll start with Total Cardio and see how it goes, and try Inferno after that session.

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    JackieChanly  about 1 year ago by: JackieChanly

    How did Total Cardio/Inferno go?

    I'm trying to decide too so the question brought me here.

    You said you've tried TBT in the past and had good results. I know I can't lose everything I want to lose in 2 weeks, but I do want to look somewhat nice for my sister's spring break vacation in 2 weeks. Do you think TBT would help or is that more of a slow results sorta thing?

    • JackieChanly
      JackieChanly 10 months ago

      Awesome! This is good to know! I will be trying total cardio, then, along with a certain nutrition and detox plan.

      I might mention that I was doing DailyBurn Move! and though it's a moderate-high cardio dance plan, the difference I saw with it was more for endurance it seemed and less for fat loss - I feel like I'm going nowhere. This is why I was searching for a better method.
      The bloating started reducing as soon as I started the detox plans and that's been dropping weight nicely.
      I recommend Move! for when you're at your goal fat % and lean % as a way to get some exercise throughout the week and learn some dance moves since you'll probably be out and about with your friends.

    • colsen2
      colsen2 10 months ago

      I ended up sticking with Total Cardio, and I'm very happy with the results. The first week I lost 2.25% of my body weight, and over 16 weeks I lost 11%. I didn't do Inferno because of the equipment needed. Total Cardio doesn't truly need any equipment besides a yoga mat, but about week 8 I picked up a medicine ball and set of free weights.

      I found TBT more intense but I didn't see much weight loss. It was more muscle gain. I will be going back to TBT when I hit my goal weight.

      Good luck! Let me know if Total Cardio works for you too.

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