What is the best way to curb evening snacking?

  • Lately I have been staying up later and I find myself craving carbs after dinner. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do to solve it?

    KateHough   by: KateHough
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    Kell  over 2 years ago by: Kell

    I drink water as well...but if it gets really bad it's usually because I'm sitting down, watching tv...so I try to do something crafty or just get up and walk around...I've also put an exercise bike in front of the tv...and will hop on if the cravings get really bad. By the time I'm done cycling for 10 minutes, the craving is gone.

    • buckry
      buckry over 2 years ago

      That's interesting. I will have to try that sometime.

    • codemonkey2841
      codemonkey2841 over 2 years ago

      I like your answer! I'll have to use that technique.

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    buckry  over 2 years ago by: buckry

    I drink a tall glass of water then eat an apple or a bag of mini carrots. Doesn't really satisfy me, but it takes the edge off and makes it a lot easier to just go to bed.

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    Nina  over 2 years ago by: Nina

    I also drink water. I read that sometimes we snack because we think we're hungry but really we are just dehydrated and it really is true. Good luck :]

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    codemonkey2841  over 2 years ago by: codemonkey2841

    Good lord yes! When I have a craving for anything after dinner I either have a teaspoon of peanut butter or a forkful of sauerkraut to curb the craving. Typically, avoiding giving in to cravings is the best way to stay on track, but if it gets bad you should give in, just don't overindulge. I did recently see this table and think it might be useful: http://media-cdn.pinterest.co...

    • buckry
      buckry over 2 years ago

      Sauerkraut? What's that about? That seems excessively random to me.

    • codemonkey2841
      codemonkey2841 over 2 years ago

      I read somewhere that fermented foods are supposed to be good for digestion. I don't know how true it is, but I'm testing it out.

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    mblair25  over 2 years ago by: mblair25

    You should get some sleep. :)

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    chauncey  over 2 years ago by: chauncey

    Are you eating enough calories during the day? Sometimes I find that if I've only salads and fruit all day I am crazy hungry at night. I figure my body is wanting to make up for the deficiency.

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    trixie  over 1 year ago by: trixie

    BRUSH YOUR TEETH and stay away from the kitchen. I drink Hot green tea

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    magdeline86  over 1 year ago by: magdeline86

    Hot peppermint tea always seems to do the trick!

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    Jewlzm  over 2 years ago by: Jewlzm

    They do say that you can have 3 bites of anything you crave. So if you are craving carbs you dont have to keep yourself from them but have some will power and only take 3. Then keep yourself busy like Kell said and get on that exercise bike.

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    Tathagata  over 2 years ago by: Tathagata

    The best way to curb evening snacking is to not snack in the evening.

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