What is the best way to stay motivated???

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    arnthorla  over 2 years ago by: arnthorla

    #1 Having a good long term goal that is meaningful to you. Like health or just the pure enjoyment of the lifestyle.

    #2 Seeing the progress and feeling and seeing how your body adapts and changes.

    #3 Long term goals. Transforming your life and body. Winning a medal or a title. Becoming an athlete. Get to that perfect weight and health (that is measurable). Fit that dress! Run the mile under that that certain number of minutes.

    #3 Short term measurable objectives. Such as a BF% or a performance benchmark. Or some sort of accomplishment such as running a marathon.

    #4 Stepping stones, a even more short term measurable goals of 1-3 months. Sticking to the plan and training, and training the planned hours. Reaching the set stepping stone goal that month or quarter. Nailing that goal of a set time or lifting the set weight that you planned on. Dicing a percentage or two of BF%.

    #5 Getting the attention of that girl that you have been watching from the distance for a long time. ;)

    But ultimately it is #1 for the love of doing it, more or less. So when you find that love of doing it you know you have made it. So go and train to find it. ;)

    • lawson
      lawson over 2 years ago

      Well said. I'd just add that you have to continually remind yourself (daily) what your goals are and keep them in front of you. Be specific and ask yourself "do you really want it?" Challenge yourself and don't be satisfied of only getting 80% there. LOL at #5.

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    anjag  about 2 years ago by: anjag

    A few things that keep me motivated :)
    1) Fall in love with what you do. A favorite trainer, a favorite class can keep you motivated right when you think you can't push anymore.
    2)Remember to set a long term goal but set mini ones on your way there. Your ultimate goal might not be attainable in a month or even 2. So, set smaller ones to keep you motivated to get you there.
    3) And reward yourself with non food presents: a manicure, a new shirt, a massage. Work hard, and own it!
    4) Remember that your goals in health are really about a LIFESTYLE change. You become a positive ROLE MODEL to your family and friends when you become a living, breathing billboard for health. Honor your hard work along the way and all the small goals and accomplishments. Every step gets you a little bit closer to that ultimate goal.

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    WebsterUSAF  over 2 years ago by: WebsterUSAF

    arnthorla is exactly right!

    I know what helps me is leaving reminders everywhere to keep me focused. Little things like sticky notes and changing your desktop background at work/home help to keep you focused by visualizing you goal so that you see it everywhere.

    Remember to not only make goals for yourself, but celebrate when you reach them!!

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    sammiebabie333  over 2 years ago by: sammiebabie333

    I put little post its on my mirror. It sounds crazy, but I do notice them each day as I look in the mirror and I have to read them! They remind me that there is a reason to get up every day and continue to work on me! Some are quotes and others are as plain as "I love me"... and I believe that is where it starts. When you love yourself enough to want to see change in that mirror, or just want to live longer. Your motivation is from within, outside factors usually take it away. Reach inside and see if there is something that you really love about you and focus on that! If you still are not feeling motivated, get around some people for INSPIRATION! Listen to success stories. Listen to people as they share struggles, triumphs, and testimonies. It can be very motivating.

    I ran the Rock n Roll Marathon in San Diego. I stubbed my toe at mile 18 and blood filled my shoe as the toe nail came off within my shoe. My feet were almost numb anyways, but I was really in need of some motivation as the pain was so much for me. I wanted to quit! Then I turned a corner and in my pain I looked up and read a sign from an older man it simply said "Thank You from a 20 year survior".... tears welled in my eyes as I sucked it up and realized that my pain is NOTHING compared to what some people go through. He inspired me with his sign.. and God knows I needed it at that point! Just like that I was found that motivation to continue the next 8.2 miles to cross the finish line. The old man couldn't do it, but he was the reason I ran it.
    Just a story about motivation.. a personal one, but I hope it finds your heart and you look around you to see how many things can inspire and bring the best out of you!
    Be blessed!

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