What is the best way you "hack" your DailyBurn Balance?

  • What are your best tips on getting the most out of your weekly balance?

    hristo   by: hristo
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    andysmith  over 1 year ago by: andysmith

    Here's a couple of my favorite balance "hacks":

    1. If having a baked good of some kind, I choose the gluten-free version. This saves me 1 every time.
    2. If running low on balance and I want a beer, I choose red wine. I still take 1 off for alcohol but save the gluten.
    3. I try to save more balance to use later in the week instead of spending it at the beginning of the week. That way if something comes up - I'm still safe.

    • aremoose
      aremoose 8 months ago

      Likewise with wine (this works in Ignite too, if you portion carefully), I sometimes have a bit of 100% Pom juice. It has no added sugar, and it's rich enough that it usually kicks my craving for red wine. Obviously use sparingly, and only in 1/4C - 1/2C portions at a time. That's how I'm surviving the holidays on Ignite!

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    helloteenahh  over 1 year ago by: helloteenahh

    Woodchuck Hard Ciders are tasty + gluten free, and are usually found at bars :)

    • mtrinidee
      mtrinidee over 1 year ago

      I still crave chocolate (especially around that time). I found that if you get rice milk (allergy free) chocolate bars -- The only thing you have to count is the sugar. And it's delicious.

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    MariyaGil  about 1 year ago by: MariyaGil

    I totally agree, if you're craving baked goods, go for the wheat free, gluten free kinds. I found a brownie mix to make at home. I just have to watch out for the added sugar.

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    AMixon379  5 months ago by: AMixon379

    1. Gluten free soy sauce costs one point instead of two.
    2. Sugar free ketchup and syrup for those "needing" condiments for their foods.
    3. Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, chocolate cake mix costs only one point for sugar.
    4. So Delicious frozen desserts have products that contain no sugar, artificial sugar, soy, dairy, or gluten.
    5. Make you own candy (I'm using cocoa with 100% cocoa mass - melted, unsweetened coconut flakes, and almond slices. If I need more sweetness, I'll add my homemade coconut whipped cream)

    • homeykitkat31
      homeykitkat31 4 months ago

      I also agree with #5! I've made Ignite-friendly peanut butter cups a few times now, and they are delicious!

    • mtrinidee
      mtrinidee 3 months ago

      Try coconut aminos instead of soy sauce. Same taste but no soy or gluten. Also can be used to make soy free teriyaki --- yum

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