What is the best workout to do along with the beginning 21 days of Ignite? Is the Inferno 21 day challenge suppose to go along with it?

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    Anthony  over 1 year ago by: Anthony

    Any of our programs would work great during Ignite. There's no right or wrong workout program to choose while doing Ignite, however Inferno would be a great choice to help maximize the results.

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    RedcrossReborn  over 1 year ago by: RedcrossReborn

    You'll have to judge your own willpower/habit/preference/fitness level. If it takes most of your willpower to stick to Ignite; then I would pick a workout program that I know I could stick with. If you are already in great shape and just want to shed a few pounds then Ignite plus Inferno would be awesome. But if you are like me (average physical fitness level) then it can be hard pulling together the willpower to do a super-hard workout after resisting temptation all day. (Unless you workout early in the morning.) After fighting cravings/temptations all day you may be tempted (like me) to just skip the workout as you could tell yourself that you did "good enough" by sticking to the nutrition plan. I had to switch to shorter workouts to keep from skipping...and some days I just had to take a walk outside.

    That was a longish answer, but I hope that frames your workout choice in the right light. Good luck with your fitness/health goals!

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    anjag  over 1 year ago by: anjag

    A great workout program for you will be one you can commit to and stick with!!! Of course I'd love to see you over at Inferno if that's where your fitness level is at! You can always build to it.. and remember that its not just 21 days.. its a lifetime change we are trying to create!

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