What is the dresscode for dailyburn yoga?

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    MKMBaloo  3 months ago by: MKMBaloo

    I don't know what the official DB folks will say, but generally I find that the biggest things for me to remember when dressing for a yoga workout are to wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing, and if I'm doing a long workout or will be in a heated room, to wear something that wicks moisture (i.e. not cotton). Other than that, I try to layer, so I can disrobe when I'm warmed up. If you're female and have either long hair or tummy issues (I have both) a tip is to wear your hair either really high on your head or in a braid (so you're comfortable when laying your head on the ground) and to wear a layer that is form fitting underneath (or tucks into your pants) so that when you do inversions you're not exposed. I also go barefoot, but have grippy socks from Gaim for cold days or slippery mats! Hope that helps!

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