What is the recommended kettel bell weight for men to use for the DBK program? Do I need one or two kettlebells?

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    TheodoraDailyBurn  over 1 year ago by: TheodoraDailyBurn

    Can you start with 10 pounds? You'll just need one.

    • rfiorell
      rfiorell 10 months ago

      I can start with 10 pounds. Thank you

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    osalinas6  10 months ago by: osalinas6

    Remember the longer you go the less weight you will use. These guys are professionals and it took them a long time to reach up to the 35lbs. The standard weight for men is 35 lbs, but in my opinion that's only at a 20 minute workout and starting of with a lot of two handed movements. Good luck and remember everyone starts somewhere.

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