What is your favorite nighttime Fuel recipe?

  • Looking for some sweeter things to indulge in...

    Anthony   by: Anthony
  • 4 votes
    libby25murray  10 months ago by: libby25murray

    frozen mangos or grapes! I have the biggest sweet tooth and frozen fruit is the perfect substitute.

    • justdoit82
      justdoit82 6 months ago

      I think I'm going to definitely have to try this. Thanks!!

    • LauraC805
      LauraC805 5 months ago

      I take this one step further by processing frozen fruit with coconut milk to make a sorbet. Hits the spot!

  • 2 votes
    khsmagnolia  over 1 year ago by: khsmagnolia

    chocolate shake, unsweetened coconut milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, baby kale = consistency of chocolate pudding.

  • 0 votes
    kitkat23  over 1 year ago by: kitkat23

    Haven't had one

  • 0 votes
    bonds00  over 1 year ago by: bonds00

    a trainer told me sugar free jello or pudding is a great option for a sweet tooth

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