What is your favorite unconventional bodyweight exercise?

  • Yesterday I did spiderman pushups and today my back and chest are both so sore! I've learned some great new bodyweight exercises from Mark as I've been doing the videos. I'd like to learn some more.

    KateHough   by: KateHough
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    andysmith  almost 3 years ago by: andysmith

    I think my favorite is the burpee. No matter how good I get at them, they are still challenging.

    • sbrobin
      sbrobin almost 3 years ago

      I just did my first burpee today during a Beachbody Insanity work out. Only difference is you do 4 pushups instead of one, which is actually probably easier because it gives you a little rest in between. It was incredibly tough. Felt like I was going to be nauseous afterwords.

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    sbrobin  almost 3 years ago by: sbrobin

    Plyometric push ups

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    Jewlzm  almost 3 years ago by: Jewlzm

    Id have to go with the burpee. There are lots of variations to make it easier or more difficult but always challenging.

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    chauncey  over 2 years ago by: chauncey

    I love the pistol (or one legged squat). They are super hard and give you strength and balance. Here's a tutorial: http://www.beastskills.com/tu...

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    willywalter  over 2 years ago by: willywalter

    I also love me some Burpee's. They are incredible.

    Some of my other favorites are 8 Count Bodybuilders (Like a burpee with a plank jack after the push up part), Iron Mikes (Explosive Jumping Lunges), and Toyota's.

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    nacs0803  over 2 years ago by: nacs0803

    I do a lot of unconventional bodyweight exercises so I really don't have a favorite per se. But here's a list of bodyweight exercises I do use:
    - Squat Jumps
    - Seal Jumping Jacks
    - Burpees
    - Burpee Pushups with a Pullup (a very good complete body exercise)
    - Scorpion Pushups
    - Spiderman Pushups
    - T Pushups

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