What kind of exercise do you do besides DailyBurn?

  • I was just wondering. Do you guys exercise besides DailyBurn? And, if yes, what do you do?

    I used to take spinning classes but lately I don't have much time because my job is crazy. And those weeks I really like DailyBurn because I can do it at home whenever I want to.

    Maaike   by: Maaike
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    lawson  almost 3 years ago by: lawson

    DB is my primary method M-F and sometimes on the weekend, but love getting outdoors to play soccer, run sprints, exercise at the kids playground (when they are not there of course :) and walking/biking/hiking or just climbing stuff.

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    paulthurwachter  almost 3 years ago by: paulthurwachter

    I like friendly competition, so I play soccer, volleyball and flag football outside of Daily Burn. I find that variety is what keeps me going. If it's fun, work becomes play, and I can't get enough of it.

    You can also do what this guy does:

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    kiki494  almost 3 years ago by: kiki494

    Just joined DB. Currently do kickboxing and Zumba each once a week. Plan on using DB 2-3 more times a week

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    jipsybird  almost 3 years ago by: jipsybird

    I stay home with my little kids so I play xbox kinect. Like Kinect Adventures and Just Dance. My toddler likes to join me so it's fun. :)

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    mashapic  over 2 years ago by: mashapic

    walking for 30 a fast pace

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    terpgomer  over 2 years ago by: terpgomer

    I have a 45 minute kickboxing routine that I can watch on demand on cable that is done by Guillermo Gomez of Martial Fusion that is a lot of fun.

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