What motivates you?

  • Brand new here! Been 40 lbs over weight for 2 years now, since I had kid #3. Can't seem to motivate myself to get going. So I thought I would try something new. What motivates you??

    momof3kiddos34   by: momof3kiddos34
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    Superalzy  almost 3 years ago by: Superalzy

    My upcoming wedding is motivating me. I have plenty of time, but why put off getting started? I've learned that having the right music can be the difference between finishing a workout or giving up too soon.

    • Drmonroedvm
      Drmonroedvm 10 months ago

      I totally agree with the music. If there isn't a good beat, I don't push quite as hard.

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    JamiBuch  over 2 years ago by: JamiBuch

    There are a couple things that are motivating me right now. First, I'm doing the Bod4God study, and it talks about how as a Christian your body is God's temple. You wouldn't go throw soda all over the sanctuary of a church, so why is your body any different? My second motivation is my daughter. I want to be around for a loooong time to watch her grow up, and see my grandkids. And third - I want to get back to the weight I was when my husband and I met. Because he deserves better than this.

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