What's a good protein powder for the first phase of Ignite?

  • I need help choosing a protein powder that fits within the guidelines of the first 21 day Ignite phase

    lulub   by: lulub
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    mlscott64  about 1 year ago by: mlscott64

    I love Raw Fusion (vanillla or chocolate)! It's composed of the approved rice and pea protein.

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    SilverTide16  about 1 year ago by: SilverTide16

    I use Sunwarrior Vanilla blend. I actually look forward to my smoothies in the morning. It is also fairly comparable to the powder they sell on the dailyburn site so it should work during the ignite phase.

    • SilverTide16
      SilverTide16 10 months ago


    • atticus
      atticus 10 months ago

      I just found my answer in another thread... I'll be getting a new container of Sunwarrior tomorrow - turns out I was being too strict about sweeteners. Hooray!

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