What's a good substitute for milk in my smoothies?

  • Since we can't have dairy, what should I mix in my shake instead of just water?

    seanbenson   by: seanbenson
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    blustorm17  about 1 year ago by: blustorm17

    I have used coconut milk and almond milk both and I like the Silk in refrigerator best. It doesn't have that boiled can/box taste. Unsweetened works in smoothies because you can't tell once you have added the mix or the fruit.

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    LunaDawn  about 1 year ago by: LunaDawn

    Pure fruit juices. There's only one shake/smoothie I drink when I do drink them... cup of grape juice, cup of frozen strawberries, 1 whole banana.... Maybe a scoop of some protein shake powder.

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    blinnea90  11 months ago by: blinnea90

    I don't put any milk. I use Kemp's Fat Free Frozen Vanilla Yogurt :) I add about a cup of flash frozen fruit (strawberries & pineapple are my favorite), 2tsp of ground golden flax, spinach/red leaf/or bib lettuce, 1 banana and 100% apple juice. I sometimes omit strawberries and do pineapple, kiwi and avocado. You can also eliminate the yogurt and just use frozen fruit.

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