What's the best Yoga mat brand? Does it matter?

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    sbrobin  over 2 years ago by: sbrobin

    I think most would agree that Manduka is the best, but it comes at a steep price. I used a regular yoga mat for about a year for crunches and yoga, but it slid around too much. I bought the Manduka BlackMatPRO 85-Inch Yoga and Pilates Mat and have not regretted it. It is $108.00, but it has extra padding in it so it is great for plyometrics or anything where I jump around a lot and don't want to injure my foot. It is almost 30% thicker than a regular yoga mat, so it's not very portable and pretty heavy, but I use it at my house so I don't mind. Plus it is over a foot longer than a regular mat, which works out much better for my 6' body.

    Next one down would be Aurorae Northern Lights, which run around $40 - $50.

    If you're just getting into yoga and want something inexpensive, you can get a YogaAccessories mat for under $20.

    • nathanielcohen
      nathanielcohen over 2 years ago

      Thanks! I'm definitely leaning towards the lower end of that list.

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    natalie  over 2 years ago by: natalie

    I swear by my Lululemon The Mat. It's a bit pricey at $68, but considering the cost per use, it's worth every penny. I never slide on it no matter how sweaty my palms and feet get. And it's thick and cushy enough to keep my spine and hips from bruising. It's a little heavy to lug around, but I just put a strap on it to make it easier to carry. After months of frustration on a cheap mat, I rationalized my purchase by realizing that not upgrading my mat was hurting my practice. No regrets!

    • natalie
      natalie over 2 years ago

      I've had it for maybe a year and a half. I use it about 1-2 times a week and it's still like new. It's meant to absorb moisture so you'll see your body imprint on it while using it (kinda weird), but it evaporates. You're supposed to wipe it down once a week, but it has an antimicrobial substance in it so I never notice anything other than the natural rubber smell.

    • andysmith
      andysmith over 2 years ago

      That mat sounds amazing natalie. I'm always so gross after a yoga workout, and feel like I sweat more than everyone else in the class. This might be the ticket.

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    maggieleigh  over 2 years ago by: maggieleigh

    I don't do yoga/pilates too often (1x/week), and I just use the ~$20 mats like Gaiam. It seems like the more you are going to use it, the more you should invest.

    • nathanielcohen
      nathanielcohen over 2 years ago

      I ended up going with the Gaiam. Thanks for the advice!!!

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