What's the deal with achievements?

  • Would be great if they actually meant something besides just getting some little badge ... maybe daily burn should look into hooking up with some sponsorships or something so that our "achievements" can earn actual rewards (despite the obvious reward of getting in shape). :-) Does anyone agree?

    shannon   by: shannon
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    adt36  over 1 year ago by: adt36

    I could see a sports equipment store maybe offering something like 10% off an item for reaching a certain ranking or something like that, but really I think the motivation has to come from within!

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    virginiamary91  over 1 year ago by: virginiamary91

    The problem with this is that people can lie. And if there's free/discounted stuff involved, they're more likely to lie as opposed to just a little badge that they can be proud of on their profile (and the obvious fitness benefits).

    • topalka
      topalka over 1 year ago

      I agree with this but maybe photos or a video of yourself doing something pertaining to the badge could be proof to earn the reward. Just a thought. Sometimes having the extra motivation can be VERY helpful.

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    Maaike  over 1 year ago by: Maaike

    I'd like this too :)

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    BlueCamelart  over 1 year ago by: BlueCamelart

    I think that is a great idea. It would be more motivating to know that at 10000 points we get something free etc or a discount coupon for something healthy not just some new achievement name/badge.

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    kawaiola  over 1 year ago by: kawaiola

    This would be a great idea! Especially considering something I hear (and read here in the forums) a lot is that so many people are inspired, but lack the motivation to start/continue a healthier lifestyle.

    You absolutely have to have the internal drive to set and accomplish your own health and fitness goals, but a little outside incentive can't hurt if it helps you get the job done :)

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