What's the deal with the 10g Sugar?

  • Does this mean we're allowed 10g a sugar per day? Or is that per meal? I'm asking because if I add fruits to my protein shake in the morning, I'm almost at 10g... Does that mean I can't eat fruit for the rest of the day? Or any other product that contains any sugar?

    sunshineshadow   by: sunshineshadow
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    missdarcy123  6 months ago by: missdarcy123

    The guidelines are explained a little more here:
    Basically, you want to keep your added sugar intake under 40g per day. It's okay to have a meal with up to 20g of sugar, as long as less than 10g are added sugar. So the fruit in your smoothie is fine, because it's mostly natural sugar.

    • sunshineshadow
      sunshineshadow 6 months ago

      So can I add honey or some organic sugar to my smoothie as long as I don't go above 10 g? The protein powder tastes so chalky it made me gag! I need a way to gulp it down without tasting so much chalkiness

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