What's your advice for people who want to start eating better but are super picky?

  • Some explanation: I'm on the autism spectrum, and one of my major hurdles is texture aversion (most food/condiments/edibles in general that are runny/gloopy/strange to me in any way really skeeve me out, with a few exceptions). My pickiness borders on legendary because of it, and while that keeps me away from certain unhealthy stuff, I'm pretty sure it doesn't help me eat healthy either. How do I work around that? Has anybody else had that issue, and if so how did you deal with it?

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    wtrpixie  12 months ago by: wtrpixie

    There's a show called Freaky Eaters that is about people who are addicted to one type of food. Many of these people have texture issues and aversions to certain foods. The food therapist on that show uses techniques that introduce new foods to the picky eaters. You may be able to pick up a couple of tips. It's on Netflix if you have access to that.

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    Neptune8265  11 months ago by: Neptune8265

    Personally, I am a picky eater and have to deal with that. My son has Sensory Processing Disorder and can cause eating issues as well. My son's OT has a system about introducing new foods to him that he is resistant about. It might seem juvenile but maybe it will work.
    1. Touch it, raw, cooked, frozen, pureed etc. No eating this time
    2. Step one, and put some in your mouth for 5 seconds. Spit it out. Do not eat this time.
    3. Step one, step 2 and now chew and swallow.

    If you need to repeat 1 & 2 a few times before 3 feel free to do so. This process can take up to a week before you complete step 3.

    I personally have fewer needs regarding food introduction, One thing I do is choose one food a week to try out. I look up as many recipe choices as possible regarding that food and figure out what best suits my taste buds. I like grilled or BBQ style foods best so that is often a "go to" for me. I find recipes that include flavors I enjoy, like brussle sprouts and bacon.

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