What's your best office snack story?

  • My co-workers just saw me eating a plate of broccoli. I loved the look on their faces!

    paulc   by: paulc
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    mythicalgriffons  over 1 year ago by: mythicalgriffons

    The best story i have is years ago i worked at a gas station that has a pizza/sub place inside it. i got sick of the food so i made eggplant parm at home, seperatly, the eggplant in a container, a ball of fresh mozz and some shred smoked mozz, and cooked noodles. Sent the eggplant thru the roller oven for the pizza with the mozz on top, used the almost boiling water out of the coffee machine to heat the noodles, and nuked the sauce. The employees thought i was crazy but them and the late night customers were all trying to crowd around and ask me how i made it...esp after i made them the extras i had brought in. Not a diet/DB related story but it was the best food making/eating shocker story i recall and yes it was a snack, small portions lol.

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    sunshyne19  5 months ago by: sunshyne19

    i do yogurt. It's small and it doesn't feel like i am doing something wrong.

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    mdliulama  3 months ago by: mdliulama

    Small apple and if still hungry, throw in some raw almonds. Fills me without out feeling too full, knowing I'm eating for sustenance and not for the smell or look of it (like a big banana nut muffin).

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