What's your favourite TRX exercise?

  • I love working out with the TRX system at our local gym. What's your favourite exercise? Mine is what I call the Matrix Bullet Time. One hand holding the handle from TRX fixed on the wall, fall down backwards touching with your free hand on the ground while squatting down. Alternate hands once you 'squat' back up. Great core/abs workout!

    DieselDirk   by: DieselDirk
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    RWinzer  over 1 year ago by: RWinzer

    I'm so wanting to buy a TRX and I've never even worked out on one. My friends husband works for the company and just seeing his workout videos on facebook (in the middle of a park....anywhere) I want to buy one. But I told myself I won't buy "another piece of workout equipment" till I've proven I'm using what I have at least 3 days a week consistently.

    • DieselDirk
      DieselDirk over 1 year ago

      Did a great workout today, nice and simple, but very effective core workouts!

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