What tips do you have to manage high stress levels?

  • I work a lot of hours and it's a pretty high pressure job. Any good tips for managing stress during the day?

    crb3ll   by: crb3ll
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    anjag  over 1 year ago by: anjag

    I also am a pediatric ICU nurse so i understand high pressure! Working out definitely is one of my major destressers! But so is some deep breathing! Take 5 minutes, center yourself, focus on your breath, clear your head of all the nonsense around you and focus on where you are in that moment,be present, find some persepctive, bring more oxygen into the lungs. My heart rate automatically starts to calm down and I feel the nerves start to dissipate. Hope this helps :)

    • jenn63
      jenn63 6 months ago

      that's a great tip im going to use this thank you

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    JezikaT  over 1 year ago by: JezikaT

    What is your work environment? Are you in a room with a lot of people, do you have a private office or do you work from home? My tips would be different depending on your environment, but with the info you gave, the best advice is to find a way to move. Buy a wireless headset, even if you're in a room full of other people, so you can walk around while on the phone. Nix your office chair for an ergonomic ball chair. There are a lot of stretches you can do while just sitting there. The most important thing for me is to remember to stretch out my chest and arms often, breath deeply and move as often as possible.

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    Jennari73  over 1 year ago by: Jennari73

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

    • Sarahvan
      Sarahvan 6 months ago

      looking at relaxing pictures (loved ones and yourself together, pics from your last vacation, art work from your children if you have any, etc). It allows me to take a break for a minute and refocus, without actually going anywhere. :)

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    lfigueroa  3 months ago by: lfigueroa

    stretching and breathing exercises

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    sleekbird  over 1 year ago by: sleekbird

    People used to take cigarette breaks every hour or two. Can you take the same concept (obviously w/o the cigarettes) and go outside each hour or so for 5 minutes to walk and take deep breaths?

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