What to do after an Ignite-friendly binge?

  • I've been following the Ignite plan religiously, maybe adding a few snacks that still follow the "Evil 6" rule. I just binged out and ate half a bag of quinoa chips (totally ignite friendly, but I ate a ton!). Should I re-ignite? I feel like it was cheating, but I'm not sure and would like to get a second opinion. In general, does anyone have any tips for what to do after a binge like this?

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    natombomb  about 1 year ago by: natombomb

    I say "good for you!" for binging and keeping it ignite-friendly. Personally, I've had no problems continuing to see positive changes in my body while avoiding the "evil 6" even if I go consume more calories than I intended. Your body may have needed extra calories from a difficult work out or perhaps there was a reason for your craving. (The nutrition section has some interesting articles on cravings.)

    In other words, personally, I wouldn't re-ignite due to one day of extra snacking when it was ignite-friendly food.

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