What to eat at applebees?

  • Dont know what to eat out at applebees for ignite

    Sdrake97   by: Sdrake97
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    mwoolf1  over 1 year ago by: mwoolf1

    I had the hardest time eating here on ignite. I am a pescatarian, so the Roma Pepper Steak and Zesty roma Chicke and Shrimp were out for me. Those looked to be the best options. You need to ask a lot of questions before you order and your server may not be able to answer them all. I ordered the Savory Cedar Plank Salmon and made sure to let my server know I could not have any added sauce or seasonings. I also had them hold the potatoes. Good luck - most of the menu has gluten, dairy, sugar, or a combination of these.

    • Drmonroedvm
      Drmonroedvm 10 months ago

      AppleBees has an awesome menu that lists ingredients/gluten free choices/dairy as well. You have to ask special for it and are more than happy to try to fill your requests when possible.

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