What type of dances would you like to see more of in my MOVE series? Are there more styles of dancing you would like to have me do?

  • Question for all my MOVERS out there!!!!! Want your opinions!

    keairal   by: keairal
  • 3 votes
    mindi0323  about 1 year ago by: mindi0323

    Hi Kearial!

    I first want to say that I LOVE YOUR WORKOUTS!!!!!!!!!! I have been dancing since I could walk and I also teach aerobics (step and dance) and I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dance workouts!!

    I would do anything you taught but some suggestions would be:

    -more Latin/hip hop/bollywood/bellydance

    Thank you for all your awesome workouts!! I can't wait to do more!!

    • keairal
      keairal about 1 year ago

      Thank u.. and those sound great. I definitely had that in mind!

    • AnaC
      AnaC about 1 year ago

      Burlesque would be great! :D

  • 2 votes
    RedcrossReborn  about 1 year ago by: RedcrossReborn

    I know my wife would love to see more Bollywood dances.

    • AnaC
      AnaC about 1 year ago

      Zumba, sevilhanas and jazz

    • keairal
      keairal about 1 year ago

      sounds good!

  • 1 vote
    ctadewald  about 1 year ago by: ctadewald

    zumba and hip hop!

  • 1 vote
    amybuilds  about 1 year ago by: amybuilds

    ballet would be great

    • keairal
      keairal about 1 year ago

      I was thinking of doing a ballet mixed with another genre

    • meggiedew
      meggiedew 12 months ago

      I'd love some mixed ballet too

  • 1 vote
    hollaitsxbri  about 1 year ago by: hollaitsxbri

    I would like to do more hip hop, club, and possibly some zumba! I love all types of dance and your workouts are so much fun!

    • keairal
      keairal about 1 year ago

      definitely and thanks!

  • 1 vote
    qsternie  about 1 year ago by: qsternie

    I'd like to see Samba, bellydance, and I love the suggestion below of burlesque (not sure how popular that would be but I'd do it!!)

    • keairal
      keairal about 1 year ago

      I like that idea!

  • 1 vote
    jbee  12 months ago by: jbee

    I'd like to see zumba, Bollywood, belly dance, ballet and jazz workouts!

  • 1 vote
    VickyCab81  25 days ago by: VickyCab81

    Zumba like dance, old school aerobics, and maybe something like Barre classes.

  • 0 votes
    ChathamRambler  about 1 year ago by: ChathamRambler

    How about Celtic/Irish?

    • keairal
      keairal about 1 year ago

      I will look into that!

    • dnessmith
      dnessmith 6 months ago

      That would be fun, also lyrical.

  • 0 votes
    Depepsi  about 1 month ago by: Depepsi

    50s and 60's - rock and roll, Twist, the Pony - for us old folks, and I second the idea of country.

  • 0 votes
    Goose  11 days ago by: Goose

    I'd really like to see more flat out aerobic workouts. Some good old grapevines and such. It may not be sexy but for those who want to move around a lot but aren't so great at shaking things it would be nice. (Some current music wouldn't hurt either!)

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