What was the hardest part about starting Ignite?

  • I have a lot of vices, one that comes to mind is wine. I'm a glass of wine a day girl and while it will still be hard I'm sure I can resist the temptations. What was the hardest temptation for you and what helped you get over it?

    shewj1301   by: shewj1301
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    nathanielcohen  5 months ago by: nathanielcohen

    Never indulging in something sweet was difficult for me. It was only 21 days though so that made it more manageable.

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    blustorm17  5 months ago by: blustorm17

    Chocolate was mine! I even like dark chocolate, but many of them have soy lecithin and definitely some sugar. Since we are supposed to limit excess sugar I ended up rewarding myself with a square once in a while if I had no sugar that day. I also have a problem remembering to drink water, so I tried to drink a glass each time i craved the chocolate.

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    sarahlutkus  5 months ago by: sarahlutkus

    Sugar is by far the thing you don't realize you eat in every meal. They sneak it into everything. For me, the first few days on ignite, I felt VERY tired because of the sugar withdrawal. (or it could be my 8 month old twins not sleeping at night.... whose to say hahah) I think you can resist your wine for 21 days. You can do it!

    • blustorm17
      blustorm17 5 months ago

      I found that too! But after a few days even the littlest amount tasted sweeter to me, sometimes too sweet.

    • shewj1301
      shewj1301 5 months ago

      I'm on day 3 and I'll have to say that so far it's been easier than I thought. Of course there's still the awful sugar cravings, but there becoming less frequent.

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