Whats the possibility of producing a 2-3 week daily burn for beginners

  • Someone just coming into the program should get a breaking in period. I truly believe your target market needs to be the 2/3rd's... overweight and obese population. If you can design such a program , corporations will be successful amd adapt DailyBurn as part of their employee wellness intiatives

    awesen   by: awesen
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    jonas  over 1 year ago by: jonas

    Awesen most of the exercises use bodyweight. It seems already geared towards beginners.

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    Lauran807  over 1 year ago by: Lauran807

    Tomorrow will mark the beginning of my 3rd week with DB. I started at 293lbs, and the very first workout I did was Metabolic Cardio with Cody. Ummm...yeah...at certain points during that first workout (especially the Burpee challenge), I kept thinking that it was going to be impossible...and some of it was, but I tried. I didn't let myself stop or sit down. If I couldn't do the moves, I just kept walking in place, doing knee lifts, low kicks...something. The amazing part about having that workout be the first one I did, is that it made everything else seem less intimidating. I wanted to come back and see what else I could work my way through. I'm heading into week 3 at 284.3lbs. Sometimes you just have to high five yourself!! =)

    I know that everyone's different, I just wanted to share my 2 cents =)

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