When are you most likely to cheat?

  • For me, it's night time snacking. What do other people struggle with?

    haris   by: haris
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    KateHough  over 1 year ago by: KateHough

    I struggle after my workouts. I can eat three meals in the few hours after my workouts if I let myself continually snack after my noon workout. Now, I schedule my workout right before lunch, and I eat a huge salad with protein so that the fiber/protein combo fills me up.

    • jenn63
      jenn63 3 months ago

      I struggle with cheating when I go to long without eating and then I cant get enough and I don't stop until I pump myself with carbs and sugar

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    LKeefe  4 months ago by: LKeefe

    I usually have a craving for sugar in the evenings well before bedtime, so I tried a cup of sleepy time tea and if that doesn't work I reach for a Cutie's band orange (they are small and sweet).

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    avargas09  about 1 year ago by: avargas09

    When I stress or late at night and begin to get restless.

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    Anthony  over 1 year ago by: Anthony

    I've been guilty of night time snacking as well. It's just so easy to eat poorly at night, and it becomes a tough habit to break. I found that keeping a bag of almonds around has been a lifesaver. Late at night if I am craving something, I grab a handful of almonds and it usually fills me up...better yet, almonds are Ignite-friendly!

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    brkjns  over 1 year ago by: brkjns

    For me, it's the time between when I get home from work and dinner. This is also when I workout, so that could have something to do with it.

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    outlaw72  3 months ago by: outlaw72

    For me it's right after work. Always too close to dinner time but can't wait. Then snacks after dinner.

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    Bscherlie  2 months ago by: Bscherlie

    When I'm short on sleep, and then usually in the evening and while I'm making dinner. Being tired cancels my willpower.

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    SexyTriba  2 months ago by: SexyTriba

    Nights & weekends!!

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    KonZaraki  about 1 month ago by: KonZaraki

    I cheated last night....I needed a drink....so stressed out because of our transition to South Korea....I had a margarita to help me calm down some!

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