When coconut milk is refered to in recipes, is it Thai coconut milk or liquid coconut milk?

  • Thai coconut milk is 140 calories per 1/3 cup, ordinary coconut milk is 45 calories per cup, that's a huge difference. It would be good to know which to use, especially as a lot of the recipes call for 1/3 cup, which implies it's the Thai version.

    juju   by: juju
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    evammentorp  about 2 years ago by: evammentorp

    I use the liquid coconut milk, it worked well in the recipes I tried. Especially the smoothies.

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    j4peace  about 2 years ago by: j4peace

    I use "ordinary" coconut milk, however if you want to make denser dishes or thicker ice cream go with the Thai milk b/c it has all the fat found from coconut milk.

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    SAB42  about 2 years ago by: SAB42

    I use the light coconut milk at trader joes. Its in a green can. Just coconut milk and water, that's it. Its not thick like Thai, but for my fuel shakes it doesn't matter to me. For thicker recipes, I use Thai.

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