When is the best time to stop eating to avoid weight loss

  • I work in Mcdonalds where there are no such thing as a steady schedule. I wake up and have 16oz of v8, wait an hr or so, exercise, then start my day. My days are never set and I sometimes don't get hm until 8pm. My thing is I try to stay in a 2000 calorie budget but sometimes when i get hm and settled its 9pm and I feel like im starving. Work mostly 5 hr shifts with no breaks and do my best to not have soda. Help!!

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    fettolsiris  6 months ago by: fettolsiris

    Based on your description, it sounds like the only thing you're eating is a v8, and then dinner. So no wonder you're hungry. Why not eat after your workout? You should always eat protein soon after eating anyway.

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    3polaur  6 months ago by: 3polaur

    The one thing that has always helped curb my appetite at night is a protein shake called casein. Drink that about an hour before you go to bed and it gives you the protein you need plus it keeps you full all night. Now I work a very hectic schedule and the only thing that really helps is planning meals. If you want to keep a good 2000 calorie diet make sure you set up about 5 meals spaced out evenly throughout the day and eat your largest meal around mid day when you are going to be the most active. Next thing is just don't drink soda (period) its extremely high in everything that can possibly be bad for you, don't even substitute for diet. You will be surprised how much you will feel better when you cut it out completely and do not substitute it with fruit drinks or energy drinks because they all contain sugar or some form of high fructose corn syrup. I know I am not trying to lecture it is very hard, I used to have the same problems but when I focused on meal planning and cutting sugary drinks out of my life it became a lot easier to lose weight.

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      Thanks :) it's so hard to cut out soda when at work I'm staring at it the majority of the day. I'm a sucker for sprite at work no more than 16oz n a 4 or 5hr shift and the rest water. I'm trying to eat breakfast too it seems when I wake up I get 16oz of v8 and excercise then I am distracted especially on days I work I'm doing my best to eat better thanks off the advice

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