when should i expect to lose weight on the scale?

  • I have been on ignite for 10 days already with doing dailyburn routines just about every day and can't seem to drop the pounds. Has this happened to anyone else? when has everyone else started losing? very frustrated!!

    workit   by: workit
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    mythicalgriffons  about 1 year ago by: mythicalgriffons

    Another thing no one has mentioned is that weight is pretty much the most inaccurate way to measure whether or not your actual size is increasing or decreasing. Alot of people myself included will # in the first few days and then seem like their stuck at the same weight for while. i.e. i lost 6lbs in my first 5 days but have been at the same weight since and am now on day 9. The saying is true muscle weighs more then fat, so if you lose a pound of fat but gain a pound of muscle it is not going to show on the scale. The far better method for gauging your goals and if you are losing "weight" is by how your clothes fit or by taking your measurements every other day or every three days. Those should be chest/bust(if you have a bust you can also measure just under your bust, because some women lose bust size and some dont), stomache(where your belly button is), hips, butt(fullest part of your booty). Then do each thigh, each upper arm, each calf. For those last three add them together, like thigh+thigh=total, then upperarm+upperarm=total, etc.
    So your chart or paper would look something like this:
    Chest/bust: 43
    Underbust(optional): 37
    Belly: 36
    Hips: 39
    Butt: 44
    Thighs: 22.5+22.5=45
    Upperarms: 12+12=24
    Calves: 16+16=32
    Total: 300
    So you save those numbers some where and in 2-3days you measure again and see if you have lost. It is far more accurate then weighing. Also the reason you do both arms/thighs/calves is because some people are asymmetrical, so one arm might be 11 and one 11.25, etc.

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      mythicalgriffons about 1 year ago

      Alot of people myself included will lose in the first few days and then seem like their stuck at the same weight for while.**

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    Longhorn0915  about 1 year ago by: Longhorn0915

    I lost weight the next day! It really depends on how many calories you are eating, though. Are you replacing all the calories you burned?

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    scamp07  about 1 year ago by: scamp07

    I've doing the Daily Burn workouts for 2 weeks and have lost about 4 pounds. I had about 20 to lose. A lot depends on your current weight and how much you need to lose.
    It all comes down to burning more calories than you take in.

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    rhaden  about 1 year ago by: rhaden

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